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Spring Data and type-safe API for GigaSpaces XAP

We have developed Spring Data API for GigaSpaces XAP with a number of fancy extensions. Check it out on github


  • make it easy to use in-memory datagrid for those who already have experience with Spring Data APIs such as Spring Data MongoDB, JPA, Redis, etc.
  • significantly reduce the amount of boilerplate code required to implement data access layer
  • reduce the amount of effort in switching from any Spring Data implementation to XAP
  • catch API errors at compile time (type-safe API using QueryDSL)


  • Spring configuration support using Java based @Configuration classes or XML namespace, filters support
  • CRUD and Paging repositories extended with XAP specific features such as projections, change API, lease, take, etc
  • repository for XAP Documents
  • selectively exposing CRUD methods
  • query methods (e.g. findByNameAndAge)
  • custom methods
  • common query lookup strategies
  • property expressions
  • special parameters handling including Sort and Pageable
  • native XAP API support
  • seamless integration with all native XAP features - persistence, transcations, event processing, security, indexes, lease, etc
  • ability to work with multiple spaces
  • QueryDSL integration to support type-safe API(queries, projection, change API)

Getting Started