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How To Decrypt Jetty's Https Tcp Dump

If you want to capture jetty’s tcp dump of https and analyze encrypted packets later - here is an instruction. Applies for Jetty 7, not sure if the same works for other versions.

Fractal Tree Indexes

Парни из Tokutek реализовали engine TokuDB для MySQL как замену InnoDB, улучшив производительность операций вставки, запросов и компрессии. В основе индекса лежит так называемое Fractal Tree.

Посмотрим за счет чего достигается скорость вставки и поиска по сравнению с классическим B-tree.

Consistent Hashing

Техника консистентного хеширования consistent hashing довольно популярна при создании распределенных систем, тем не менее я не смог найти описания алгоритма на русском языке. Попробую изложить, возможно кому-то пригодится.

Code Refactoring Detection

An idea of feature I would love to see in code review and diff/merge tools.

Consider you are reviewing code changes or making 3-way merge where among various things a name of some method has changed. Personally I don’t want to go through tens of files and check that all usages of method changed accordingly.

I would like to see it in more declarative way. One phrase saying ‘method has changed to Foo.bar2()’ would be enough. Imagine you could accept this particular change and now tool ignores it making the whole picture clearer.

Say for static object-oriented languages I can imagine a number of refactoring types where this could be useful - method extract, all kind of renames, replacing inheritance with delegation, replacing constructor with factory methods and so on.

How difficult would it be to implement semantic aware diff on top of Intellij IDEA ?

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