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Distributed Configuration for SaaS application

Recently I was involved into discussion of SaaS application design. One of the questions was how to manage configuration in large scale SaaS. The rise of clouds, microservices and container virtualization influence approaches used in configuration management. In this article we will look what we can learn from these concepts and how we can apply these lessons in SaaS and other generic distributed systems. In the second part of the article, we will build a PoC of elastic tenant aware application leveraging Zookeeper with 200 lines in Scala.

Spring Data and type-safe API for GigaSpaces XAP

We have developed Spring Data API for GigaSpaces XAP with a number of fancy extensions. Check it out on github


  • make it easy to use in-memory datagrid for those who already have experience with Spring Data APIs such as Spring Data MongoDB, JPA, Redis, etc.
  • significantly reduce the amount of boilerplate code required to implement data access layer
  • reduce the amount of effort in switching from any Spring Data implementation to XAP
  • catch API errors at compile time (type-safe API using QueryDSL)